Hello Science Fiction Fans!

I’m Eric Wilkins the author of the novels listed here on this site.  Regardless of whom you are, once you’ve looked up to the heavens from a night sky, you then realize the Grandiose Immenseness of the Universe of Infinity that we as humans exist in.

Like myself, most individuals absolutely must wonder what could possibly exist out there beyond Earth’s atmosphere that has for an eternity protected us humans and enabled many unique life forms that humans have discovered upon this grand spaceship Earth.

As Carl Sagan once stated before he passed on to explore universal wonders, from a distance of five light hours or near Pluto’s orbit, Our Planet Earth appears only as a pale blue dot in the dark vastness of space.

No one can escape earthly life’s end but all the great philosophers that have put pen to paper and inhaled Earth’s sustaining air, must have realized that life itself is a training experience to prepare human beings to enter the next stage of a souls existence.

Like the multi quadrillions amount of stars and planets that are born and die every day, regeneration is a fact of nature that has always occurred.

Deep inside a single molecular atom, there is an unmistakable wonder of what and why nature chose to be as it is.

If your mind can imagine a possibility, somewhere in this Grand Multiverse of Universes, it does indeed exist.

Are we alone? In my humble opinion, that would be impossible.

The vast distances may not allow us at present to travel very far from our planet. But the imagination of individual minds allows us to break free of the gravity bonds of Earth and see for ourselves what the possibilities of reality truly can be.

I hope that you truly enjoy my minds wondering of astronomy and nature.